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The Author Success Method will take you from amateur to pro while avoiding many of the most common mistakes. Learn how to leverage a mindset to produce work that sells, publish on a regular basis, serve a hungry market, develop life-long readers, take advantage of emerging mediums, and more.

5 modules segmented into 102 topics. Over 6 HOURS of instruction complete with slides and worksheets!

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Course Contents:

Module 1: MINDSET
Module 5: SELLING


Don’t expect the same highly-polished, “talking head” online video course or slick internet marketer coaching fluff. My method is real, tested and refined through years of presenting to live audiences. I believe in the concept of Wasi Dabi explained by Seth Godin on Akimbo. It means “wisdom in natural simplicity” or “flawed beauty.” I’m so wasi dabi that my online video course was recorded in front of a live audience with no safety net. Organic. Real. Natural simplicity.

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Module 1: MINDSET

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