“A collaborative, undead writers retreat in the Zombie Capital of the World hosted by Amazon Top 100 Horror Authors, Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn.”

A zombie-themed writers retreat, collaborative workshop, and destination vacation in one weekend!

Are you struggling to get that post-apocalyptic story finished? Do your zombies lack bite? Are you wandering mindlessly through your social media accounts instead of writing? We’ve got the solution to your problem.


The aroma of apple cider and falling leaves fills the crisp, autumn air as you walk through the graveyard where George Romero filmed, Night of the Living Dead. Later that night, stroll through Monroeville Mall, the primary filming location for the 1978 zombie masterpiece, Dawn of the Dead. You’re in the Zombie Capital of the World and now it’s time for you to add to the mythology.


Here’s your chance to check multiple items off your bucket list. We’ve got the cure for your undead procrastination. It’s time to start that zombie story and get. It. Done. J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon are proud to introduce – “The Writing Dead.” Join the co-founders of Molten Universe Media for a weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the city that gave birth to the modern zombie genre. Visit the official Living Dead Museum as well as other historic set locations that have become legendary in zombie film and fiction. But there’s more—You’ll be joined by a horde of other authors all writing their own zombie short story that will be included in an anthology published by Molten Universe Media and sold on Amazon.com!

Your registration fee includes the undead experience, guided tours, the world-building seminar, and all publication costs of the anthology including an official Story Grid certified edit of every short story – a $1,000 value! Attendees are responsible for their transportation to and from Pittsburgh, lodging, and meals.


Don’t wait because this retreat may never be offered again. “The Writing Dead” will sell out faster than a zombie from 28 Days Later.

You get:

  • Access to a weekend of undead entertainment, in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Guided tours of zombie landmarks including the Evans City Cemetery and Monroeville Mall
  • A private tour of The Living Dead Museum and Gift Shop
  • Admission to the Pittsburgh Zombie Fest
  • Admission to the Pittsburgh Zombie Outbreak paintball facility
  • Admission to Daring Escapes Zombie Room
  • A slot in the zombie anthology to be published by Molten Universe Media, including all publication costs
  • An equal share of all profits made from the zombie anthology
  • An official Story Grid edit of your short story
  • Free marketing and promotion of your author platform in the anthology
  • Ongoing support and coaching from J. and Zach
  • Appearances and guest talks by some of today’s biggest independent zombie fiction writers
  • Workshops on craft, marketing, publishing, and branding by two full-time authors who are doing it
  • A kick-ass, one-of-a-kind commemorative t-shirt

*Attendees are responsible for their transportation to and from Pittsburgh, lodging, and meals.


J. Thorn & Zach Bohannon are the co-owners of Molten Universe Media, masters of collaboration, and a pair of Amazon Top 100 Horror Authors. Dawn, the first book in their Final Awakening trilogy hit 1,000,000 page reads in its first 100 days on Amazon. Zach’s breakout series Empty Bodies has been a zombie bestseller for years. J. grew up in Pittsburgh and spent his teenage years mindlessly shuffling around Monroeville Mall where George Romero filmed Dawn of the Dead in 1978.