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    • "Thorn helped me learn about this new world. He helped to make me understand what it took to be successful and he helped steer me towards good people in the industry who were important for my business. J. Thorn is well-respected and has great knowledge and experience in the Indie world. He taught me all about learning to split myself and my thinking process between being a writer and stepping out of the box and learning to be a good business person to help my book flourish." -- DG Kaye

    • "The man is a veritable genius when it comes to information on how to self-publish, select the perfect illustrator, and determine the best genre for your work. Thorn introduces you to author groups that both support and promote each other. His unrelenting tenacity to shake the dust off your yet-to-be published masterpiece is contagious. Give him the opportunity to infect you with his passion for success." -- Flo Barnett

    You need a coach. I'm your guy.
    • You're feeling stuck.

      You’ve just finished writing your novel and now you can sit back while the royalties roll in, right? WRONG. Millions of books are for sale on Amazon. MILLIONS. Writing an incredible story is not enough. You need to know how to get a stunning cover, upload your book to the digital shelves, set up your author pages, write an engaging product description and more.

    • Who am I?

      My name is J. Thorn and I thought I could cash in on the ebook boom of 2012 by uploading my Word document to Amazon and then signing the paperwork for my new Ferrari. Not so much. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a book launch. You don’t know where to begin or even which questions to ask. I know how hollow and helpless that feels because I’ve been there. I can teach you what you need to know in a way you’ll understand, so you’ll be able to do it for yourself.

    • The hard, cold truth.

      The hard truth is no matter how much you may despise marketing, you have to do it. Nobody can sell your book like you. Your parents bought it because they love you and your spouse bought it to bribe you into doing that extra load of laundry. Once you’ve gotten those pity sales, you’ve got to figure out how to sell your book to the rest of the world.

      A little injection of confidence and you can do what you thought was impossible. Which also means you’ll have more time to write.

    • I can help.

      Sure. You could Google your question about formatting, or cover design or writing a great product description on Amazon. You’ll get thousands, if not millions, of hits and most of them will contradict each other. Some will be written by people claiming to be marketing gurus, yet they’ve never published a single book. You’ll waste countless hours and never get exactly what you need.

      Or you can reach out. Get a free phone consultation by filling out the form.

    This is an EXCLUSIVE coaching plan as I am only working with 2 students at a time. You will get dedicated help at a level that just isn't possible with online courses or programs.